Predict with 90%+ accuracy
and built-in integration with MI3 and FAME

Quick and Easy

Automatically analyze your data from FAME and upload tens of thousands of records within seconds. Your data will be accessible from anywhere in the world at any time.


Our 256-bit encryption ensures that all sensitive data is protected from the moment you type it, until the moment it's securely vaulted on our servers.


Sophisticated Analysis

Let loose a bevy of machine learning algorithms to stretch your data. With our advanced model fitting, you get actionable predictions.


Quickly view the state of your data using our data dashboard. Become an expert and see your data.

Increase Retention

Voyants helps students graduate by focusing limited educator resources


Early Warning Systems in the Wild

For educators, there’s nothing more discouraging than witnessing the lost potential of students who will never gain the knowledge, skills and confidence that come with earning a degree or lay the crucial foundation that prepares them for personal and professional success.

Voyant correctly predicted 87% of the students that actually ended up dropping out and only mistakenly identified students as at-risk 4% of the time.This school could have realized additional tuition totaling $1,560,000 over three years.

Some students will likely drop out regardless of a school’s efforts. But, a predictive list can also identify the students who are on the fence. In other words, schools can focus on the students who could just as easily fail a class as pass it – and positively impact their odds of success.

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Our Team

Tim Golden

Tim taught in public schools for 35 years before turning to higher education. Tim has developed new curricula to address diverse student backgrounds and improve retention and student satisfaction. He is rarely seen without his hat. Or mustache.

Sean Golden

Sean graduated from the Raikes School of Computer Science and Business. He researched corruption and technology on a Fulbright in the Republic of Moldova. After completing a Master's degree at the University of Chicago, he consulted for hedge funds, charitable foundations, and school districts around the country - but still doesn't have a decent handheld camera.

Alex Person

Alex also graduated from the Raikes School of Computer Science and Business. He spent six years at National Instruments managing software projects before joining Voyant full-time.

About Voyant

Voyant Analytics is a company designed to help you put data to use. Our goal is to make it easy for you to turn your data into insights that will help your company perform. Our suite of products and services can be used at any point in the data analysis process, from idea development to strategy implementation, to make your data work for you.



Voyant employs machine learning to solve your data challenges. We turn the same algorithms that are used to drive cars autonomously, recognize handwriting on envelopes, and understand human faces to make sense of your data.


What does Voyant mean?

Voyant is French for an oracle, one who has the ability to see into the future. We are here to help you use data analysis to best see into the future. Voyant is seeing.

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